Top 8 Free Accounting Software Available Right Now – Complete List

free accounting software for small business

Free accounting software may appear to be a myth—in reality, many firms claim their accounting software to be free but end up costing you in some way, whether by requiring you to upgrade for a critical function or by charging you for installation.

When looking for free software for your small business, make sure you understand the possible expenses of each choice. We’ve created a list of some of the top free accounting software options. Of course, the majority of this software will have paid versions and add-ons, but their most basic versions are entirely free.

Top Free Accounting Software for Small Business

free accounting software for small business

Wave Accounting Software

wave accounting software free

Wave accounting software is a top accounting software free to examine from the start of your quest. You will be able to connect an infinite number of bank and credit card accounts to your books using this option. Also, you will also get free access to limitless income monitoring, spending tracking, and guest collaborators. You will also be able to invoice and scan receipts for free.

However, keep in mind that you will need to pay if you want your billed clients to be able to pay online straight through the invoice. Wave charges 2.9 percent + $0.30 for credit card payments and 1 percent (minimum of $1) for ACH payments. You must also pay for payroll using Wave. You’ll pay a monthly base charge of $35 or $20, plus $4 for each employee and contractor on your payroll, depending on where you conduct business.

Akaunting Accounting Software

small business accounting software free

You should also look into Akaunting, a free accounting program. This choice includes several of the most important functions that a small company accounting software should provide. You will be able to invoice, sync accounts, track costs, set up regular bills, manage customers, and manage vendors with this technology. To use more complex services, such as online payments, you’ll need to download third-party applications, which will cost you an annual charge in addition to any costs you have to pay for this third-party account.

To summarise, registering an Akaunting account is free, but as you browse this program, you’ll notice that all of the characteristics you may assume to be ready-to-use will require you to purchase these third-party apps.


best free accounting software

SlickPie, the best free accounting software, is also worth investigating for your small business finances. This accounting software’s free edition provides for unlimited automatic receipt submissions, 10 separate firms on one account, and email assistance. It also enables you to generate quotations and estimates that can be quickly converted into professional invoices. You can also connect your PayPal and Stripe accounts for free with SlickPie. Customers will be able to pay their bills online using a credit card or PayPal, and you will just have to pay the regular transaction costs charged by PayPal and Stripe.

Reports appear to be a feature that this free accounting software lacks—the SlickPie website makes no mention of any built-in reporting features. If you want to obtain important, high-level information from your accounting software, you should look into alternatives to SlickPie.


free accounting software for small business

ZipBooks is another excellent free accounting software for small companies to consider. It provides all of the essential functions of accounting software in one free account, including reporting, bank synchronization, billing, expenditure tracking, and invoicing.

If you wish to accept online payments from your invoiced clients using ZipBooks, you must use Square or PayPal. For those transactions, you will be charged the regular PayPal and Square fees.

ZipBooks and Gusto provide an integrated payroll add-on option. Gusto’s monthly fee is $39, plus $6 per person each month. For a limited time, you may buy the Core plan for a reduced price of $19 per month for the first six months. Gusto has also included a new option for contractor-only companies, who only pay the $6 per employee cost and have no base pricing.


small business accounting software free

You may add an unlimited number of users, invoice, create projects, do integrated time tracking, monitor costs, and offer estimations using the free edition of CloudBooks accounting software. To send more than five invoices each month, brand your invoices, and accept online payments on your invoices, you must upgrade from the free version and pay at least $10 per month.


gnucash logo

GnuCash is a powerful option if you’re searching for free desktop accounting software for your small business. To get this free accounting software alternative, simply go to the GnuCash website and download it for free—as it’s simple as that. Though GnuCash may be used for both personal and small company accounting, it includes small business-specific functionality such as customer and vendor monitoring, works pricing, and invoicing.

Zoho Invoice Accounting Software

zoho cash

If you’re searching for the finest free accounting software to automate your invoicing operations, Zoho Invoice is a great choice. With Zoho Invoice’s free edition, you may invoice up to five clients and automate five workflows from a single account. Through a client portal, you will also be able to create and brand invoice templates, manage costs and connect with consumers. Not to mention that you may use integrated time tracking for yourself and your staff to charge projects.

You won’t have to upgrade to the next tier of Zoho Invoice, which costs $9 per month if you need to add more users. For $2 per month or $20 per year, you can add another user.

NCH Express Accounts

NCH express

NCH Express Accounts is another free desktop accounting software alternative to explore. Small companies with less than five employees can use the free version of this accounting software to meet their accounting needs. You’ll be able to view and produce 20 critical financial reports, as well as analyze revenues by client, team member, or item, with this small business accounting software free. This program will also allow you to quickly handle accounts receivable and payments. To access your books online, though, you’ll need to purchase the cloud version of Express Accounts, which isn’t free and now costs $59.95.

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Some Crucial Things To Know

Free accounting software is fantastic since it allows you to avoid paying a monthly fee, which may help you save money. And, especially when you’re just getting started, $0 a month for accounting software might be a non-negotiable budget.

 If you choose free accounting software for your small business, though, you will certainly miss out on a few features that other accounting software alternatives provide. In certain situations, the functionality that free software lacks might save your company money. Overall, more capable accounting software typically pays for itself, so be sure to consider the possible expenses of utilizing free accounting software, such as bookkeeping backup or tax fines. Examine the following characteristics that free software often lacks, and decide whether it’s time to take place in your budget for more powerful technology.

Reports with a High Level of Detail

While many free accounting software alternatives provide entry-level reports for small firms, other accounting software options generally provide more advanced reporting capabilities. Reporting using accounting software that isn’t free generally allows customers to get more important information. Whether through data visualizations, more configurable figures, or all of the above.

Capabilities in Payroll and Taxes

Many accounting software alternatives that charge a monthly subscription will help your business with taxes. They frequently provide comprehensive payroll services, allowing you to effortlessly integrate your payroll with your company’s records.


Forecasting is typically not a function included in free accounting software. If you want to be able to project financial statistics in order to create objectives. Along with efficient budgets, you will need an upgrade.

Order and Inventory Tracking

The majority of free accounting software alternatives do not include inventory or order management. This functionality is critical if you’re searching for accounting software for a small retail firm.

Count of Users and Invoices

Perhaps most significantly, free accounting software will almost always restrict the amount of work you can do with it. The majority of free software alternatives limit you to five users per account. Furthermore, some will limit the number of clients you may invoice every month. It will go as the number of invoices you can send. If your small business frequently exceeds these limits, an update is required. Otherwise, wasting time on free accounting software that doesn’t match your demands isn’t worth it.

Free Trials in Accounting Softwares

It’s easy to be on the fence after reading this blog post on free accounting software. On the one hand, you want the best for your company. Having access to the greatest accounting software available may be well worth the investment. On the other hand, nothing beats free, especially when you’re so concerned about your company’s money.

Fortunately, there is a happy medium: several of the most capable accounting software solutions offer new clients a 30-day free trial. FreshBooks, Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books, for example, all provide free trials for their interface. You may test out the more expensive solutions with a free trial. It is to determine whether they give enough value to justify their pricing. You will discover that the additional capabilities aren’t beneficial for you. 

Trying out a free trial will let you do a fast cost-benefit analysis of your alternatives, regardless of which camp you belong to. As a result, you may be certain that any decision you make is the right one.

A Final Note!

What do you do now that you’ve gone over your top nine free accounting software alternatives and learned about other possibilities?

So, depending on whatever option you choose to pursue, your future actions will be determined. It’s time to start experimenting with free accounting software for your small business if you’re determined on using it. Fortunately, you may check out a few to discover which one works best without incurring any expenditures.

If you’re interested in trying out any paid software, we recommend reading evaluations of the free-trial choices we listed above. Choose the best match for your company and test it alongside a free alternative. Compare the two options and choose the one that delivers the highest net value for your company.

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